Monday, March 2, 2009

Getting There

Hi Everyone,

We have started sending out the invitations so if you haven't received one by Paddy's day (March 17th) email because chances are we didn't have your address or something...

Getting to the wedding:

Airports/TGV: The closest airports/Train stations are Toulon Hyeres, Marseilles and Nice.

There is a reasonably priced Ryanair flight into Nice from Dublin on the Thursday 28th for the Irish...

Please see above a map giving an idea of the region with the villas marked on around pradet, les olivettes is nico's mam n dad's house and the cap brun is where the reception is... Saint Anne is the big period house where we'll be having a brunch the morning after the wedding.

If you are looking for directions for drivers check out or google maps and please do let us know when you will be arriving/leaving asap.

Thanks everyone,

Pris n Nico

Thursday, January 15, 2009

January 15th - 132 days to d-day/jour-j mayday! haha

Ok, so we're not doing too badly I suppose, invitations are nearly done and we will be getting them printed soon so now we have to finalise the guestlist (I would invite the whole world if I could!)...

Can everyone please email us at with your postal address please so we can send you your invitation. Thanks.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Civil Ceremony

Yay, so Cats n Gra are coming over to stay with me the night before n Nico is being banished to Martin's... Ash is getting things ready on the ground in Dublin and my sis, Tracy is organising the transport from the airport... "What?" You say....why it's The Civil Ceremony....

Ceremony 2nd may mairie de maisons alfort, avenue de general de gaulle, 94700 - 11.00am

The wedding hall is gorgeous, cristal chandeliers n all, very classy indeed and when they prepare your wedding they put an announcement up on the wall outside...much like this one....

So then it's helter skelter to the airport... Flight 2.15 in cdg to go to Dublin to party.....

We arrive in and then we are heading straight to Johnnie Foxes for lunch and some touristy goodness...

Then back into the city centre of Dublin where we have booked the upstairs in Feile to party all night long... but if they kick us out due to silly closing hours we'll probably head to whelans and then eventualy when us party people are pooped we'll be sleeping in barnacles in Temple Bar - the traditional home of the hen, the stag and now the civil!!!

Nico's Abbreviated French version:

Nous nous marions à la mairie de maisons alfort le samedi 2 mai à 11h
Aprés ceux qui veulent peuvent se joindre à nous pour aller faire la fête à Dublin (jusqu'au dimanche à priori). Il y a un vol aerlingus à 60 euros quipart à 14h15 le samedi 2 mai de CDG. Ceux qui sont cho et vous l'êtes tous je suppose je vous conseille de le booker dés ajd.

Milou tu serais pas sur Paris le WE du 2 Mai par hasard?

Rock N Roll............

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Practical Information 1

So, I'm just showing Nico how to post in the blog and hence it will be mwat mwat - as in moitié moitié - half half - English French...

Thursday (or Friday morning) - everyone arrives into TGV stations, Marseille, Toulon and Nice airports and a few swimmers who came on the cheap!

They go to their hotels, villas, apartments etc. If you are looking for accommodation check for house or apartment rentals or for hotels etc....I hear googling is also an absolute lifesaver. If you have any questions or need help please do not hesitate to email us.

Do let us know when and where you arrive and if you would like help in getting to places....

Mass rehearsal will be at 5pm on the Thursday for all those readers, performers and general mass people who can make it....


The ceremony will start at 2pm in the Eglise Notre Dame de la Mer which is in La Seyne sur Mer... Cue the convoooooy!

Ok guys, that's enough for know the starting line and the rest will come soon....



....pour les francais qui ne liraient pas (ou refuseraient par patriotisme) l'anglais, je vous le fais en mode nico : mariage 29/05/09 14h a l'eglise repet la veille a 5h pour ce qui peuvent. bisous

Monday, November 17, 2008

Let the games begin...

Going to the chapel and we're gonna get ma-ma-married, gee I really love ya and we're gonna get ma-ma-married....Going to the chapel of love - what a great song. yup Pris and Nico are tying the knot...

where? Ireland, France, Heck both....Civil ceremony in Ireland in the new year (back up plan of Mairie in Maisons Alfort in case it all goes pear shaped!!!), church and reception in Toulon in the south of france on 29th May 2009 - check it out
We will be sending out the invitations as soon as poss but if you guys could start booking flights that would be great. We have said to people if anyone wants to to stick around after the wedding for the following week that would be cool so if ya know ya wanna, us and you in the sud, doing things we wanna do, in the sud doing things, if that's what you're into!!! (Flight of the Conchords reference)
So 29th may - 6th June Party Central in Toulon
Other near airports are Marseille and Nice (like they are about an hour and a half away)
Any tips, advice, contacts, questions welcome...let us know what you plan to do to
Thanks everyone. I'll let Nico do the next post in French. Bisous. Pris