Monday, March 2, 2009

Getting There

Hi Everyone,

We have started sending out the invitations so if you haven't received one by Paddy's day (March 17th) email because chances are we didn't have your address or something...

Getting to the wedding:

Airports/TGV: The closest airports/Train stations are Toulon Hyeres, Marseilles and Nice.

There is a reasonably priced Ryanair flight into Nice from Dublin on the Thursday 28th for the Irish...

Please see above a map giving an idea of the region with the villas marked on around pradet, les olivettes is nico's mam n dad's house and the cap brun is where the reception is... Saint Anne is the big period house where we'll be having a brunch the morning after the wedding.

If you are looking for directions for drivers check out or google maps and please do let us know when you will be arriving/leaving asap.

Thanks everyone,

Pris n Nico