Monday, November 17, 2008

Let the games begin...

Going to the chapel and we're gonna get ma-ma-married, gee I really love ya and we're gonna get ma-ma-married....Going to the chapel of love - what a great song. yup Pris and Nico are tying the knot...

where? Ireland, France, Heck both....Civil ceremony in Ireland in the new year (back up plan of Mairie in Maisons Alfort in case it all goes pear shaped!!!), church and reception in Toulon in the south of france on 29th May 2009 - check it out
We will be sending out the invitations as soon as poss but if you guys could start booking flights that would be great. We have said to people if anyone wants to to stick around after the wedding for the following week that would be cool so if ya know ya wanna, us and you in the sud, doing things we wanna do, in the sud doing things, if that's what you're into!!! (Flight of the Conchords reference)
So 29th may - 6th June Party Central in Toulon
Other near airports are Marseille and Nice (like they are about an hour and a half away)
Any tips, advice, contacts, questions welcome...let us know what you plan to do to
Thanks everyone. I'll let Nico do the next post in French. Bisous. Pris

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